Helicopters in Brazil


Despite a global financial crisis, a car industry fighting for survival and the challenges of climate change the helicopter industry is flourishing in Sao Paulo. In 2008 Sao Paulo surpassed Tokyo and New York and became the world-leading city in number of helicopters in the air. In total 489 helicopters are registered in Sao Paulo, transforming it to a vertical dream, where some people live, work and transport themselves without touching the ground. The challenges posed to a city with 210 rooftop helipads in the centre are peculiar. To regulate the vertical flights Sao Paulo has the world's only aviation control tower just for helicopters, like a live version of The Jetsons. The Swedish journalist Gabriel Wernstedt and photographer Lars Lindqvist went to the richest city in South America in search of helicopters and found wealthy pilots, entrepreneurs that predicts new record sales of helicopters this year, protest movements against the helicopter industry and a daughter of a millionaire who loves to fly.

Photos by Lars Lindqvist.