Pirate fishing in Cameroon


Outside the fishing village Ebodje, the big vessels can be seen fishing illegally almost every day. They work just next to the shore, in areas reserved exclusively for the artisanal fishermen and their canoes. - When they've left, there is really no point in going out fishing, they have their giant trawlers and finish everything. Everything! They throw away the catch that they don't want, but by then it's already dead, says 27 year old fisherman Bea. Each year, 11-26 million tons of fish, with a value of 10 billion euros, are caught illegally in the world. The worst fishing pirates come from China, South Korea and Europe. The maritime authority in Cameroon estimates that the catch has decreased with around 80 percent for the local fishermen since the big trawlers showed up 10-15 years ago. For a country where 50 percent of the consumed animal protein comes from fish, that means a small disaster. Text by: Anna Roxvall

Photos by Johan Persson.