Steel, money and death - Bangladesh


This is the last breath for the old ships who once belonged to the proud fleet of the ocean. Now they will die. And many people along with them. In Chittagong Shipbreaking is one of the biggest industries. Ships from all over the world end up here. Workers strip the ships down to nothing where all parts are sold to investors and salesmen. And the steel is sold to industries producing reinforcing bars, new ships and other building material. 80 % of all the steel in the country is believed to come from old ships and all the reinforcing bars in the buildings are from these same beaches. Everybody make a profit out of this. Even the workers doing this dangerous job. Two people die every week as a direct effect of the work. Indirect, thousands die of a slow chemical poisoning. But sadly, without the job, dismantling ships, the workers would have nothing, cause no other jobs are being offered to these people. Welcome to the steel-industry of Bangladesh.

Photos by Jacob Zocherman.