Swedish weapons kill


Sweden is the second country in the world that, per capita, exports the highest number of weapons. Due to our laws, we should avoid selling to countries involved in armed conflicts, or that offend human rights. Still, Sweden is exporting weapons to countries like the US, India and Pakistan because of special dispense. OFOG is a network that believes in civil disobedience as one way to stop the production. One year ago, five members started planning a big action against two of the main factories in Sweden. They started training on similar scenes such as fences and containers (the first pictures in the story are taken during training) and prepared for time in prison. The night between October 15-16, OFOG reached their goal. Two of the members broke in to Saab Bofors Dynamics in Eskilstuna, simoultaneously as two others took BAE Systems in Karlskoga. The fifth member spread information via internet from a hotel room. OFOG succeeded by destroying weapons produced for the US and India to a huge amount of money. Now they wait for the trial to get their penalty.

Photos by Moa Karlberg.